Soap Nuts...Natures Own Laundry Detergent

Happy Tuesday friends (if there is such a thing?) So today’s post is pretty cool. Mr. GGC and I have started using sun-dried, de-seeded soap berries in place of traditional detergent to wash our clothes and towels. I know – what the HELL are soap berries and why the HELL would I give up my detergent for some hippy-dippy fad. Well, as a not so hippy-dippy person, I’ll tell you! But first, the hubby and I realize that there is only so much that we can write about palm oil before you all get bored. We do hope that you are trying to be more mindful of your consumption, however we would like to write a few miscellaneous go green posts this month as well. One of our followers for example asked about corn oil and its effects on the mind and body. We plan on responding to this comment in a new post in the next few days. So…question time.

What do you want to know? As a teacher, I tailor my lessons to the interests of my students – why should this be any different? Contact us with some topics and/or questions! We hope to hear from you all soon. And remember — this site is for ANYONE who is even the tiniest bit interested in making small changes to help to preserve our planet.

But now, back to soap nuts. My inner child chuckled when Mr. GGC brought this up. Here’s the low down:

What are they?

How cute are they?

Soap nuts are a natural resource that grow from the sapindus tree and produce saponin, more commonly known as soap. Technically the dried up shell of the soap berry, deeze nuts (I couldn’t help myself) serve as a natural laundry detergent and cleaner! And guess what?! They are palm-oil free and are better for your skin and overall health than traditional soap brands. Soap nuts are commonly used in India, China and throughout Europe. Learn more by visiting the NaturOli website.



What can I use them for?

Soap nuts can be used to safely clean glass (leaving behind NO streaks), clothing, dishes (typically by hand), cars, skin, hair and even pets! Additionally, soap nuts are excellent for watering plants and can help deter insects.

Will I save money?

YES! We ordered a trial bag of soap nuts on amazon for $3.99. AND, the nuts can be used for multiple washes!! Get the same number of washes as detergent for a fraction of the cost.Try them out. I promise that you won’t regret it.

How do I use them?

These babies are super easy to use. Put 5 or 6 nuts in the drawstring bag provided for you when you purchase them. Throw it into the washing machine before adding your clothes and let it ride. Remove the bag as soon as the wash is complete. For other uses, let the bag steep in water and use the water to wipe down your counter, windows etc. Visit the site linked above (NaturOli) for additional information.


The result? Fresh smelling, soft, and squeaky clean laundry. These are great for people who suffer from allergies and skin irritation. The best part? These lovely nuggets came straight from mother nature herself. Safe. Organic. Fun to use! We challenge you to try them for yourselves. Purchase a sample pack and let us know how it goes!! Keep your eyes out for a future post where we conduct a side by side comparison: soap nuts vs. traditional detergent.


Love ya fellow greenies <3 Mrs. GGC

Soap Nuts...Natures Own Laundry Detergent


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