February: Another Going Green Couple Challenge Down

1 Month Going Meatless - What we learned

How this challenge impacted me (Mrs. GGC)

The February challenge has been interesting to say the least. It has certainly had its ups and downs! Let me start off by saying that going meatless was actually quite easy. I have not experienced any cravings and I have enjoyed experimenting with different vegetarian meals. Tempeh is one of my new favorite ingredients – I cook it up and add it to salads and rice bowls. Chia seeds have also been great because they are an easy way to up the protein and fiber quality of any dish. Continue reading “February: Another Going Green Couple Challenge Down”

Veggie Tales: One New Yorker’s experience with going meatless

Oh hello there! Welcome back to the GGC blog – Mrs. GGC speaking.Today we have an exciting and different kind of post for you to read and enjoy. My amazing brother, Joe, is a musician who has lived in New York City for the last few years. Four years ago, he announced to my parents and I that he had decided to go meatless. That’s right – my brother, a third-generation southern Italian who used to LIVE off of chicken tenders and French fries and wouldn’t TOUCH a vegetable with a yardstick was now a vegetarian. We all gave him a hard time at first. Now, here I am in the same boat. This is the story of Joe, the coolest city-loving, vegetarian, environmentalist I know. Continue reading “Veggie Tales: One New Yorker’s experience with going meatless”

Carrots Steaks With Parsnip Mashed Potatoes: A yummy recipe made with love

Carrot Steaks With Parsnip Mashed Potatoes

Carrot Steaks with Parsnip Mashed Potatoes & Gravy

It’s time for The Going Green Couple’s first recipe post!! I love to cook – in fact, before law school I would cook every night (I know, she’s so lucky to have me). I don’t get to experiment in the kitchen as much as I used to, but this is a recipe I came up with before law school and that I have been cooking it ever since. Continue reading “Carrots Steaks With Parsnip Mashed Potatoes: A yummy recipe made with love”

7 Questions You Get As A Vegetarian & How to Answer Them

Alright greenies – let’s get real. Whenever you make a major life decision or change something about the way that you look, think, or live – people are going to ask questions. Sometimes they will criticize, and other times, those who really care about you will respectfully try to discover the ‘who, what, where, when and why’ behind your decision. Being a vegetarian was something that only hip, hippie, liberal and/or animal rights activists could do and get away with. Well, times have changed my friends! So how can you answer both the easy and the difficult questions that your friends and family will inevitably have? Read on. Continue reading “7 Questions You Get As A Vegetarian & How to Answer Them”

Do THIS not THAT: how to “vegetarian” the right way

Hey friends – welcome back to our site! We missed you!

Beginning your journey to vegetarianism may seem like a task too daunting to take on. We are a few weeks into this month’s challenge and we have already learned so many AWESOME things about ourselves, our will power and our bodies. To make this process and journey easier for you we have composed a list of “do’s” and “don’ts”. We hope this helps, and we look forward to hearing about the changes that you have made to live a cleaner, leaner and greener life! Continue reading “Do THIS not THAT: how to “vegetarian” the right way”

10 Easy Work Lunches For The Newbie Vegetarian

10 Easy and Affordable Work Lunches For Newbie Vegetarians

If you are at all thrifty as I am then you probably pack your lunch for work every morning. And if you are new to vegetarianism like us you’re probably looking at the same boring salad every day at noon. BUT FEAR NOT!! The Going Green Couple has hunted the web and compiled a list of 10 yummy, quick, and easy recipes you can make for lunch. And they are all meatless and they don’t break the bank. So read on for the list and a big shout out to all the delicious recipe creators.

Continue reading “10 Easy Work Lunches For The Newbie Vegetarian”

The United Steaks of America: the impact of the meat industry on our land

Greetings greenies! It is day 5 of our February challenge, and so far so good. Going meatless has been pretty easy because we don’t really miss or crave the taste. However, the challenge has been making sure that we are eating well-balanced meals that are giving us enough protein. Saturday’s post definitely opened up our eyes. Going vegetarian takes some research – but once you get the hang of it, your body adjusts. We are going to save you some time and post our meal plan for each week this month. Here we go… Continue reading “The United Steaks of America: the impact of the meat industry on our land”

Is meat the ultimate source of protein?

I’m not giving up meat! I need protein.

We hear this all the time. In fact, before this months challenge, yours truly used to say the same thing. When my brother became a vegetarian over a year ago, we all gave him a hard time. My brother is a skinny guy. So, I thought that going meatless was a terrible idea. How the hell are you going to get your protein? And what about all of the nutrients that meat provides? Not healthy. Nope. Never gonna happen. WRONG.  Continue reading “Is meat the ultimate source of protein?”

February’s Challenge: GO MEATLESS

February Going Green Couple Challenge: GO MEATLESS

Hi all you beautiful GGC followers! The Going Green Couple has one challenge under our belt and its time to tackle the next. This month we are going completely meatless (i.e. vegetarian). That’s right folks, no meat products whatsoever. That means no cheeseburgers (my favorite), no bacon, no fried chicken, no chicken stock, nothing, nada, zero. Continue reading “February’s Challenge: GO MEATLESS”