February’s Featured Charity: The Humane Farming Association

Featured Charity: The Humane Farming Association

The Humane Farming Association

For the month of February, the Going Green Couple would like to promote and raise funds for The Humane Farming Association in support of its campaign against factory farming. The HFA works tirelessly to nurture and protect animals who have been mistreated as a result of the rise of industrialized animal factories. Additionally, the HFA supports legislation that will protect the public and the environment from the misuse of dangerous hormones, antibiotics and other chemicals.

The 250,000 members of this association have come together to investigate animal-cruelty cases, educate youth on the impact of factory farms on animals, people and the environment, and provide refuge and emergency care services for injured and abused farm animals. HFA also runs the world’s largest farm animal refuge and wildlife sanctuary, Sawanna Ranch.

Please consider donating what you can to this wonderful cause. Thanks to HFA, our cows, chickens, deer, owls, beavers, sheep – you name it – are being given a second chance at life and will experience the love and compassion that they rightly deserve!