Palm Oil and what lit the fire bneath us.

Mrs. GGC here, snuggled up in my living room on this snowy Saturday afternoon. Last night, Mr. GGC and I had date night at a local restaurant. We both ordered the veggie burger — my husband’s first experience eating one! This blog has really changed our view of food. We are more mindful of what we are putting into our bodies, and we even catch ourselves reading labels and researching the ingredients in the foods we eat that are not organic. We ordered a delicious place of truffle fries (pictured below) as an appetizer (not healthy, but dammit we love our french fries). After the first bite, we both looked at each other – “Soo..ya think there is palm oil in this dish? Crap.” @goingreencouple We hesitantly ate a few fries and pondered how we would deal with moments like this in the future. After all, our goal is to reduce the amount of palm oil that we consume — not necessarily cut it out completely. But, we will save that post for another time.

Today I want to share a video clip from the documentary Before the Flood narrated and produced by my first love, Leonardo DiCaprio. When I saw the commercials for this on the National Geographic channel, I KNEW I had to watch. I’ll admit — part of me was just excited because, HELLO, Leonardo DiCaprio??? YYYAAAASSSS.

As soon as we started watching, my heart sank. Harry and I knew a lot about the effects of climate change, but this documentary made us realize just how serious this issue is. The RAPID melting of the polar ice caps. Pollution. The negative role that our country – my home – has played. And finally, deforestation. The clip below inspired our challenge for this month. Though it was painful to watch, it made us both realize that we needed to start contributing to the cause. We would start small (with this blog) and hopefully inspire great changes in the future. We want to be able to tell our children that, at the very least, we tried. I highly recommend that you watch the entire documentary. It is brilliant and inspiring and emotional and well, real. I hope that this clip demonstrates just how serious this matter is and encourages you to join us on our journey and take part in the Palm Oil Challenge.


Before the Flood, directed by Fisher Stevens – National Geographic 2017

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