Netflix. iPhones. Snapchat. Alexa (love that girl). With all of this crazy, awesome technology, its a wonder that anyone leaves their house anymore! I mean – I can have my coffee, groceries, mascara AND medication delivered to my doorstep with the click of a button as I sit comfortably on my couch binge watching Orange is the New Black (how amazing was this season btw?!). Pretty convenient I’d say. But even though there are tons of people out there spending more time with their Siri app and Hulu subscriptions than with their own families, I have come to realize that something pretty amazing is happening with us “millennials”. We are utilizing these incredible resources and getting the HELL out of dodge. That’s right, I believe that millennials have come to appreciate travel, and the outdoors much more than the generations before us. 

The Proof


That’s me – hanging out in the yard in my meditation pose. Now, before you make fun of me for becoming a “hippie”, I want to explain that meditation is much more than sitting cross-legged and shouting “ohm” in an empty room. It’s about breathing, resting your mind, and getting in tune with nature. And that sh*%$ really works!

Contrary to popular belief, millennials are not irresponsible, empty-headed, impulsive a-holes (well, some of them are, but that is true of every generation!). We are actually very creative, hardworking, open-minded people, and I’ve noticed something pretty cool about this “Generation Y” – we love to be outside.

You can find many 20-30-something-year-olds chatting with friends in beer gardens, hiking local trails, shopping at the farmer’s market down the road, and traveling to new and exotic places. We like to enjoy a glass of wine on the porch, and do sunset yoga on the boardwalk. We will sit in Central Park for hours reading, or writing our lengthy grad school papers, or playing with our corgis and dachshunds.

The Benefits

One month ago, I myself left my teaching job that was no longer fulfilling my needs where I spent hours a day in a windowless box. Now, I work outside on a gorgeous farm, designing floral arrangements for special occasions. If I want to work on email marketing campaigns on the patio with my laptop, I can! (Shout out to @agardenpartyllc)


I mean, check out my office people! Millennials are creating their own jobs; protesting important causes that will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the environment; taking off and enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. So stop slamming us for our Instagram pics and selfies – get off your a$$ and DO something with your day!

In Chinese culture, spending time in nature each day is integral to health and vitality. I learned this from a dear friend in grad school – and she was absolutely right. So the next time you are making plans with your friends and family, consider an activity that will take you outside. Hooked to your device? Go to a local park or trail and snap some Insta-worthy pics! I guarantee that you will feel more relaxed and inspired and happy as a result of this lifestyle change.

And before you comment about how I’m spending my Sunday afternoon on the computer, let me assure you that I am indeed working in nature!

xoxo Mr. + Mrs. GGC

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