This month’s palm oil challenge was easy as pie for Mr. GGC and I. Why you ask? For years, we have made it our mission to reduce the amount of processed and pre-packaged food products that we consume. In college, my roommate and I lived off of stovetop stuffing, oatmeal and wheat thins. Most of these types of food products are packed with palm-oil, preservatives and other not-so-yummy ingredients. So how can you have the same success and make the change? Keep reading friends.

Hit the fridge.

When you look in your refrigerator, what do you see? Do you see shelves stocked with fruit juices, hot dogs, tater tots, processed cheese and soda? Or, do you see a rainbow of fruits and vegetables? OR, do you see empty shelves with the exception of a leftover slice of pizza and old Chinese food containers?

Here’s the thing — you shouldn’t feel ashamed of the types of food that you keep in your home @goingreencouple. Most people go food shopping with 3 things in mind:

  1. How will I stick to my budget?
  2. What will my kids actually eat?
  3. What will give me the quickest and easiest meal options?

These are all valid concerns. However, humor me for minute. What if I told you that you can stock your shelves with healthy, environmentally-friendly foods and continue to save money, please your family, and save you time? Guess what? YOU CAN.

My life used to look like this…





Now, it looks like this…




Change your mindset.

  • Start off slowly. The next time you are cleaning out the ole’ refrigerator, make a pile of all of the foods that contain palm-oil (typically, these are processed foods). Then, consider which items you can replace with fresher, healthier options. For example, we replaced our ice cream with sweet alternatives like apple cookies (apple slices with peanut butter drizzled with honey) and frozen banana/peanut butter ice cream. Making these tasty treats could even be a fun rainy day activity with your loved ones.
  • Keep this in the back of your mind: fresh food does not always = expensive food. Today, I went to the store and purchased all sorts of goodies like peppers, bananas, lentils, brown rice, vegetable sushi, gluten-free pasta, yogurt, lemons, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, celery, beans, cereal and then some for only $74.00. ALL palm-oil free. #winning

But Mrs. GGC, what about all of the other products that we use, like soap and detergent? Remember, many large companies are now using only sustainable ingredients in their products. Use this search engine to find out which products are safe to purchase.

Take a leap of faith.

Ultimately, it is your decision to make. This journey to living a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle to help protect our environment and our bodies will not always be an easy one. But, the best things in life are usually those which provide us with the biggest obstacles. You CAN make the change — and each small change that you make will have a HUGE impact in the future.

Following these challenges, and taking these small steps, can mean the difference between living in a world that looks like this..


or living in a world that looks like this…

Please comment below with your thoughts, questions, comments and/or concerns! We want to talk to you!

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