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the orangutan project

This month’s featured charity is the orangutan project. This is a great organization who is working tirelessly to save the orangutan from extinction. The organization works in Indonesia and Sumatra saving thousands of orangutans from extinction. The orangutan project offers many ways to help these amazing animals. You can adopt an orphaned orangutan who was saved from certain death. Your adoption provides the orphan with food, shelter, medical care, bedding, forest school training. The adoption also provides resources for future rescues, rehabilitation, and releases. You can also donate to the save the forest campaign, which funds wildlife and orangutan protection units. Theses units physically patrol the rain forest, stopping illegal poachers and loggers from doing their dirty work. Your donation also helps to provide employment for young men who desperately need jobs. The orangutan project also has a plant a tree program, for as little as $10 you can help plant a tree to absorb CO2 and provide a place for orangutans to live.

What The Going Green Couple really wants to highlight is their Palm Oil Resistance Movement! Every hour 300 football fields of rain forest are razed for palm oil plantations. By joining the movement you are joining hundreds of people around the world who are united to stop the destruction of the rain forest and save the orangutan from extinction. Your membership funds patrols to stop illegal logging and promote long-term preservation of the rain forest. Additionally, your membership comes with monthly updates on the movement and useful information on how you yourself can help the movement by buying smart and increasing advocacy. They also provide a great list of palm oil free brands you can purchase. So join the movement today or make a donation or adoption and help save the orangutans.

Video by Hatchling Productions and the orangutan project

Oragatang Photo credit: jeffedoe via Visual Hunt / CC BY-ND

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