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Hello my loves! Mrs. GGC here wishing you a HAPPY FRIDAY! Despite it being Friday the 13th AND a full moon, we all made it through alive (or at least, half-alive). This week at work was “meh”, but life is good nonetheless. I wanted to share with all of you some of the cool experiences I had this week regarding the blog and the ‘go green’ movement as a whole. The environment seems to be the topic of conversation everywhere lately; from stories on CNN to a label on the side of a cereal box, the movement is growing so it is time for all of us to really jump on board the green train!

At work…

  • The other day, one of my colleagues was applying a lip balm while I was talking to her: “Oh no..this probably has palm oil in it right?” I was so excited to hear that people are paying attention after only 1 week! She was the fourth person this week to mention the blog to me while I was at work. I’m telling you guys – once you start being more mindful of your surroundings and what you consume and use on a daily basis, you won’t be able to stop. And it feels SO good.


  • Yesterday I forgot to bring a snack to munch on during my planning period. So, what did I do? That’s right – I shamefully walked over to the vending machine. There it was – all big and boxy – sugar and preservatives staring me straight in the face. I could hear the peanut butter crackers saying “Eat me – you know you want to.” I was stuck. Everything in this machine MUST be bad for both myself and the environment in some way. Nevertheless, I took a chance on a package of Twizzlers (<3). $1.25 cents later (WTF – why are these so damn expensive??), I had them in my hands. I looked at the ingredients through squinted eyes and there it was – PALM OIL. But I didn’t panic! I did a little google search, and guess what?

Many candy companies have now committed to using only sustainable palm oil. Click here for a complete list. Twizzlers? SAFE.





  • Today, a student of mine who reads the blog said that he had something for me: “I thought you would appreciate this…they were buy 1 get 1 half off!” This is what he said as he handed me a green drink smoothie. “There’s no palm oil in it, right?!” I felt so proud – not only of my student for being so thoughtful (and mindful), but also of my husband and I for embarking on this journey.

At home…

GUYS, my gluten-free Chex cereal has ALSO committed to using 100% sustainable products and ingredients by the year 2020. Remember when we used to read cereal boxes for the games and puzzles? #i’mabiggirlnow

Well, that’s all for now folks. Please comment and let us know what “aha!” moments you have had this week!

xoxo gossip greenie

Click here to find out which candies are palm oil FREE.





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