This Month’s Charity

This month, we will highlight a new non-profit organization: The Environmental Working Group (EWG)! This organization is truly extraordinary. What do they do? How do they make a difference? Why should you consider making a donation? So glad you asked!

What is EWG?

The EWG promotes cleaner, greener and healthier living on a large scale. They are a non-profit, non-partisan organization that has set out to educate all people on how to optimize their health and protect the environment. How? Pay attention to what household cleaning products you buy, which foods contain GMOs, and how chemicals and pesticides are infecting our water supply, farms, and air quality. EWG has researched these areas using a team of skilled scientists, lawyers, policy experts and other public health representatives. For years, EWG has worked tirelessly to educate and empower consumers to make more informed decisions about the products they purchase and companies they support. The bottom line: EWG supports YOU when government and industries fail to do so.

How do they make a difference?

EWG teams up with other environmentally-friendly corporations to fight against the use of toxic chemicals in every day products. This incredible team focuses on toxics, food, agriculture, children’s health, energy and water through research and the skilled use of available technologies. They influence everyone, from the average citizen to big markets by informing consumers of the big issues, providing funding, reforming laws that harm the environment and our lives, and advancing the science and responsible for making positive changes.

And not surprisingly, they have an AWESOME App! Check it out.

Perhaps most amazing is what EWG has done for children, protecting them from the effects of toxic chemicals and other environmental hazards including: lead, asbestos, cleaning products, pesticides and air pollutants. EWG makes a difference through the power of KNOWLEDGE and EDUCATION.

Why donate?

Aside from all the obvious reasons listed above? The Environmental Working Group relies on funding from individuals as well as Grant-Revenue Foundations. They need us to support the amazing work that they do each day. Today more than ever we need to make BIG, RAPID changes and that means influencing big, wealthy agribusinesses and – yes – our government to act NOW. Let EWG help us by giving back.