DIY Green Shower Cleaner Easy & Green

We’ve got another DIY cleaner for you this week. This time we are tackling the shower/bathtub. If you are at all like me, you probably hate cleaning the shower. First, there’s the scrubbing. Then, there’s the smell, its awful. And finally, there’s the harsh chemicals. This DIY shower cleaner takes care of all three of those issues, well…you might need a little elbow grease still.

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What’s In The DIY Shower Cleaner

DIY Shower Cleaner Ingredient - Hydrogen Peroxide

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide: A naturally occurring chemical, hydrogen peroxide breaks down rapidly into water and oxygen. This means its environmentally friendly. Small amounts of hydrogen peroxide ingested is usually not harmful but larger amounts can be toxic. It can also irritate eyes and skin. Why use it? Hydrogen Peroxide is like bleach in many ways, so its great at killing germs, but its also great a breaking down mildew and mold.DIY Shower Cleaner Ingredient Rubbing Alcohol
  2. Isopropyl Alcohol: Another naturally occurring chemical that harmlessly breaks down in the environment. There may be some environmental concerns from the production of isopropyl alcohol (also known as rubbing alcohol) but don’t worry about flushing it down the drain. Rubbing alcohol is another disinfectant and is often used in the medical field. Its also a solvent, which means its breaks down oils, fats, and grease. This means it can tackle the oil that builds up in your tub, oil that washes off your body.DIY Shower CleanerIngredients Soap Nut Concentrate
  3. Soap Nut Concentrate*We have been using soap nuts everywhere in our house. We like NaturOli Soap Nuts* because they are hand sorted and USDA approved. You can make your own concentrate by boiling soap nuts and then simmering the water down. You can also purchase Soap Nut Concentrate* from Naturoli*. Soap nuts* release natural soap compounds just like regular hand or dish soap. We added this concentrate to the cleaner to help wash away dirt and oil and make the cleaner stick to the tub longer.

We whipped up a batch of this cleaner and tested it on our dirty, grimy, bathtub. I sprayed the tub and let one half sit for thirty minutes and scrubbed the other half immediately. I did not see any major difference between the two tests. I did find that I had to scrub less when I scrubbed immediately after spraying. It cleaned the tub great and really broke down some tough sticky patches we had in the tub.

It also smells a lot better than store bought cleaners, but it does have a mild alcohol smell. You can add a few drops of an essential oil to make it smell better. We added a few drops of tea tree oil to make it smell better and give it some additional anti-microbial punch. We like Nature’s Truth Tea Tree Oil* but any essential oil will leave your shower smelling great.

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DIY Green Shower Cleaner

DIY Shower Cleaner Easy & Green


1/4 C Hydrogen Peroxide 3%

1/4 C Isopropyl Alcohol (Rubbing Alcohol) 70%

1 Tbs Soap Nut Concentrate*

1/2 C Water

(optional) Essential Oil – We used tea tree oil

Recipe: Mix all ingredients in an 8oz spray bottle. If you want to make a large batch just double all of the ingredients.

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