DIY Green Window Cleaner

It’s Monday, and that sucks. But, this post does not! Mr. GGC and I are here to save the day. This weekend, I spent some time cleaning the house – an activity that many people despise. Not me. I LOVE cleaning (I get it from my mama). I find it to be therapeutic and so satisfying when I can step back and instantly see the results of my labor. I went through my usual routine of vacuuming, washing dishes, doing laundry, dusting etc. However, I did do ONE thing a little differently — I decided to use an eco-friendly window cleaner in place of my name brand go-to cleaner. The best part? We made it ourselves!

Why DIY?

If you read our last post 9 Common Household Cleaners and Their Dangerous Chemicals, then you now know that most of our household cleaning products contain ingredients that are detrimental to both our own health, and our environment. Window/Glass cleaners are especially potent as they contain ammonia. This toxin can harm our eyes, lungs and mucus membranes. Why take a risk with these products when we can whip up a quick fix of our own! So today, we bring you our recipe for an Easy DIY Glass Cleaner that is made from greener ingredients, smells great and in our opinion, works BETTER than the brand name alternatives.

DIY Green Window Cleaner

The Ingredients

  • 2 cups distilled or *boiled water

*bring 2 cups of water to a boil for 2-5 minutes, then cool

  • 1/3 cup white vinegar
  • 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol
  • 2 teaspoons *soap nut concentrate or organic dish soap

*refer to our post

DIY Green Window Cleaner

The Process

This is SO easy friends. Simply combine all of the ingredients listed above into a spray bottle, shake it up, and then use to your heart’s content! We tested this out on our front windows as well as our bathroom mirrors – two areas that we are constantly cleaning. Not only did this product leave behind zero streaks, but you could actually see the dirt on the paper towel as it was cleaned off. We were left with smooth, sparkling glass and no chemical smell. Another benefit of this alternative is the cost of production. All of the ingredients combined cost less than $1.50/batch. This recipe made around 2 cups of cleaner, and we have plenty of ingredients left over for the next several batches.

Just a quick disclaimer: While this product is clearly safer and more environmentally-friendly than other glass cleaning products, you should still be careful and keep this product out of reach of children and pets. Keep the cleaner away from your eyes, and if ingested, we recommend that you still seek the care of a medical professional. 

We challenge you to try it out for yourselves! Be sure to comment below with your thoughts/reviews.



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