Guide To Grocery Shopping

Grocery Store

How To Grocery Shop During The Palm Oil Challenge

So you’ve decided to take the palm oil challenge and you’re headed to the grocery store to pick up your weeks worth of groceries. How do you shop and still remain free of non-sustainable palm oil. Well we’re here to help and to recap our shopping experience. Let’s jump right in to the how-to of shopping during this challenge. Before you set off you are going to need a few things. Continue reading “Guide To Grocery Shopping”

The Palm Oil Challenge: What lit the fire beneath us?

Palm Oil and what lit the fire bneath us.

Mrs. GGC here, snuggled up in my living room on this snowy Saturday afternoon. Last night, Mr. GGC and I had date night at a local restaurant. We both ordered the veggie burger — my husband’s first experience eating one! This blog has really changed our view of food. We are more mindful of what we are putting into our bodies, and we even catch ourselves reading labels and researching the ingredients in the foods we eat that are not organic. We ordered a delicious place of truffle fries (pictured below) as an appetizer (not healthy, but dammit we love our french fries). After the first bite, we both looked at each other – “Soo..ya think there is palm oil in this dish? Crap.” @goingreencouple We hesitantly ate a few fries and pondered how we would deal with moments like this in the future. After all, our goal is to reduce the amount of palm oil that we consume — not necessarily cut it out completely. But, we will save that post for another time. Continue reading “The Palm Oil Challenge: What lit the fire beneath us?”

If Palm Oil Is Bad For The Environment
Is It Bad For Your Health?

Palm Oil Bad For Your Health

Palm Oil…Bad for your health, worse for the environment!

After removing most of the palm oil from our kitchen I was curious about the health effects of palm oil. After a bit of researching I found out that it’s better for you than products containing trans fat but not by much. Palm oil is high in saturated fat which can increase your risk of heart attack or stroke. Unrefined palm oil does contain beneficial compounds. However, most palm oil we consume today is highly refined and has had all of those beneficial compounds stripped. Here’s a helpful little infographic for you. Turns out there’s a two fold benefit of removing palm oil from your diet.

Continue reading “If Palm Oil Is Bad For The Environment
Is It Bad For Your Health?”

Is There Palm Oil In Rock Salt?

Shoveling Snow

Answer: No (probably)

Hi all, Mr. GGC here, and with a snow storm heading for the east coast I wanted give you an answer to a question I had. Is there palm oil in rock salt? And the short answer is no (probably). I bring this up for two reasons, one it’s an example of how you have to change your thinking when tackling this challenge. And two, it illustrates the difficulty in finding out what’s in products not consumed or used on your body. Continue reading “Is There Palm Oil In Rock Salt?”

Challenge Accepted! Peace out, palm oil.

The Culprits

The search for palm oil

Mrs. Going Green here – hi! Today Mr. GG and I went on a hunt. We searched every nook and cranny of our home, determined to find all of the products containing palm oil. If you read our last post, you likely remember that our challenge for the month of January is to reduce the amount of products that we use containing palm oil by 75%. To our surprise, most of the products that we use on a daily basis do not contain the target ingredient. It seems that the less processed foods you eat, the less palm oil there is lurking in the shadows…However, we did learn a few very surprising things as we tediously read the ingredients on each and every product in our home. Continue reading “Challenge Accepted! Peace out, palm oil.”

Palm Oil Challenge

This Month’s Challenge

This month The Going Green Couple is tackling the challenge of palm oil. Our goal is to reduce our palm oil product consumption by 75%. Now what is palm oil and why did we choose it as a challenge?

What is Palm Oil?

Palm oil is a versatile and multipurpose use vegetable oil derived from the oil palm tree. The oil comes from the fruit of the oil palm tree and is the most widely used vegetable oil in the world. The oil palm tree can be found across the entire equator. Eighty-five percent of global palm oil exports comes from Indonesia and Malaysia. Continue reading “Palm Oil Challenge”