One challenge down!

Together we change the world.

Hello? January is over already? That’s right friends – one month down, one green challenge complete. The palm oil challenge was definitely a success, and it was a great challenge to start off the year with because it was easy, educational and actually, enjoyable! So what did we learn, what changes will we continue to adopt and how did this challenge make a difference? Read on! Continue reading “One challenge down!”

Blog Update Everyone

Hi everyone! We are a few days away from the end of our first challenge and I just wanted to say thank you to all of our readers and supporters. We have had a lot of fun this month with the palm oil challenge and we hope that you have too. I wanted to take a moment to let you guys know about some changes coming to the blog. First, you may have noticed the new menu. We are still doing a monthly challenge but we wanted to make it easier for you to find your way around the blog. Second, in the next couple of weeks we will be adding a few new pages, including a recommended products page. There you will find the products that we are using on our green journey. Third, we are still doing the monthly challenge but we are going to open the focus a little bit beyond just what we are working on that month. There is so much that we all should be doing to help the planet and we do not want you to miss that information because we are laser focused on one topic. Fourth, we are committed to posting new content every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. So, mark you calendars and come back for even better posts than before as our blog continues to evolve. That’s all for now!!

Thanks, Mr. GGC

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9 Most Popular Vegetable Oils
And Their Health & Environmental Effects

Did you know the world produces 184.08 million metric tons of vegetable oil?

Did you know the world produces 184.08 million metric tons of vegetabel oil?

This post was inspired by our Facebook follower, Cathy Crowley. After reading our post about the health effects of palm oil she asked us to look into the health effects of canola oil. Thank you Cathy for that suggestion. I decided that maybe I should widen my research beyond canola oil. You probably consume a dozen different oils in a week. Have you ever wondered what they do to your body and the environment? Well I looked into the 9 most popular vegetable oils to see how they effect our health and the environment. Continue reading “9 Most Popular Vegetable Oils
And Their Health & Environmental Effects”

How To: Live A Palm Oil Free Lifestyle

This month’s palm oil challenge was easy as pie for Mr. GGC and I. Why you ask? For years, we have made it our mission to reduce the amount of processed and pre-packaged food products that we consume. In college, my roommate and I lived off of stovetop stuffing, oatmeal and wheat thins. Most of these types of food products are packed with palm-oil, preservatives and other not-so-yummy ingredients. So how can you have the same success and make the change? Keep reading friends. Continue reading “How To: Live A Palm Oil Free Lifestyle”

Palm-Oil Free Granola Bars (nom nom nom)

On January 1st, Mr. and Mrs. GGC did 2 pretty extraordinary things. First, they created this blog — an exciting work in progress. Then, after careful consideration and a great deal of research, they went against everything that Mrs. GGC was raised to believe growing up as an Italian in New York – they gave up meat. Continue reading “Palm-Oil Free Granola Bars (nom nom nom)”

Please Share & Back This Fantastic Documentary

We just wanted to take a minute to thank Facebook user Mike Bee for sharing with us this incredible looking documentary that’s in the works right now. Consider this a sneak peak for next months challenge. Not so subtle hint: No meat. Anyway, the film looks at the environmental, health, and economic impact of meat. Here’s the latest trailer!

Incredible right! The directors Ludo Brockway and Otto Brockway could really use your support and so could the animals and the environment. So please share and back it.

Support Their Efforts


And here’s a little fact for you to get you ready for next month.

Share with us your meat free recipes, we might even feature them next month!

Also, share your thoughts about the documentary below!

Soap Nuts: A Multipurpose Product

Remember that post we wrote about soap nuts a few days back? Well, let me tell you something – we are in LOVE with these babies. Not only are they dirt cheap, and great for the environment and your overall health compared to other cleaning products, but they really, really work. So far, we have had much success in using soap nuts to wash our clothes. They come out super soft and fresh, much better than the dried out clothes and towels and sheets that traditional detergent often produces. Today, I noticed that we were running low on window cleaner. Instead of picking up a new bottle, I decided to use the soap nuts to make my own. What happened next was awesome. Continue reading “Soap Nuts: A Multipurpose Product”

Happy *Green* Moments / A Week in Review

Eart Friendly Palm Oil

Greenies Unite

Hello my loves! Mrs. GGC here wishing you a HAPPY FRIDAY! Despite it being Friday the 13th AND a full moon, we all made it through alive (or at least, half-alive). This week at work was “meh”, but life is good nonetheless. I wanted to share with all of you some of the cool experiences I had this week regarding the blog and the ‘go green’ movement as a whole. The environment seems to be the topic of conversation everywhere lately; from stories on CNN to a label on the side of a cereal box, the movement is growing so it is time for all of us to really jump on board the green train! Continue reading “Happy *Green* Moments / A Week in Review”

App Review: Palm Oil Detector & Sustainable Palm Oil Shopping

Palm Oil Product Scanner App Reviews...Find the one that will work for you.

Hi all GGC followers! I hope your palm oil challenge is going as well as ours is. In an earlier post about grocery shopping I talked briefly about two apps I use while shopping to help me find palm oil friendly products. As promised, its time to review these apps. Right off the bat I do want to thank these app developers for taking the initiative to develop apps to helps us be more conscious consumers. I have no doubt that these apps were created on shoestring budgets and I applaud their efforts. That said there is still room for improvement on both apps. With that out of the way let’s get right to the reviews. First up is Palm Oil Detector. Continue reading “App Review: Palm Oil Detector & Sustainable Palm Oil Shopping”

Yep, soap nuts are real – and they are pretty awesome!

Soap Nuts...Natures Own Laundry Detergent

Happy Tuesday friends (if there is such a thing?) So today’s post is pretty cool. Mr. GGC and I have started using sun-dried, de-seeded soap berries in place of traditional detergent to wash our clothes and towels. I know – what the HELL are soap berries and why the HELL would I give up my detergent for some hippy-dippy fad. Well, as a not so hippy-dippy person, I’ll tell you! But first, the hubby and I realize that there is only so much that we can write about palm oil before you all get bored. We do hope that you are trying to be more mindful of your consumption, however we would like to write a few miscellaneous go green posts this month as well. One of our followers for example asked about corn oil and its effects on the mind and body. We plan on responding to this comment in a new post in the next few days. So…question time. Continue reading “Yep, soap nuts are real – and they are pretty awesome!”