Environmentalist Is Not A Dirty Word

What Is An Environmentalist ?

What does it really mean to be an environmentalist?

We didn’t really think about it when we started this blog, but a Twitter follower @thegalonthego posed an interesting question to us: “I read on your blog that you are ‘not environmentalists’ and wonder what’s the distinction?” For such a simple question, we stammered for an answer. What is an environmentalist, really? What does it mean to be an environmentalist? Are we in fact environmentalists? These were the questions we were left asking ourselves. Continue reading “Environmentalist Is Not A Dirty Word”

The United Steaks of America: the impact of the meat industry on our land

Greetings greenies! It is day 5 of our February challenge, and so far so good. Going meatless has been pretty easy because we don’t really miss or crave the taste. However, the challenge has been making sure that we are eating well-balanced meals that are giving us enough protein. Saturday’s post definitely opened up our eyes. Going vegetarian takes some research – but once you get the hang of it, your body adjusts. We are going to save you some time and post our meal plan for each week this month. Here we go… Continue reading “The United Steaks of America: the impact of the meat industry on our land”

Free Download: Palm Oil Shopping Guide

This handy 1 page pdf will help you shop palm oil friendly. Plus its FREE, just share it with your friends. Inside you will find a list of the 25 most common names for palm oil, a visual depiction of the most common products containing palm oil, and the top 10 most sustainable companies who use palm oil. We hope it makes you shopping trip a little greener and easier.

9 Most Popular Vegetable Oils
And Their Health & Environmental Effects

Did you know the world produces 184.08 million metric tons of vegetable oil?

Did you know the world produces 184.08 million metric tons of vegetabel oil?

This post was inspired by our Facebook follower, Cathy Crowley. After reading our post about the health effects of palm oil she asked us to look into the health effects of canola oil. Thank you Cathy for that suggestion. I decided that maybe I should widen my research beyond canola oil. You probably consume a dozen different oils in a week. Have you ever wondered what they do to your body and the environment? Well I looked into the 9 most popular vegetable oils to see how they effect our health and the environment. Continue reading “9 Most Popular Vegetable Oils
And Their Health & Environmental Effects”

How To: Live A Palm Oil Free Lifestyle

This month’s palm oil challenge was easy as pie for Mr. GGC and I. Why you ask? For years, we have made it our mission to reduce the amount of processed and pre-packaged food products that we consume. In college, my roommate and I lived off of stovetop stuffing, oatmeal and wheat thins. Most of these types of food products are packed with palm-oil, preservatives and other not-so-yummy ingredients. So how can you have the same success and make the change? Keep reading friends. Continue reading “How To: Live A Palm Oil Free Lifestyle”

Please Share & Back This Fantastic Documentary

We just wanted to take a minute to thank Facebook user Mike Bee for sharing with us this incredible looking documentary that’s in the works right now. Consider this a sneak peak for next months challenge. Not so subtle hint: No meat. Anyway, the film looks at the environmental, health, and economic impact of meat. Here’s the latest trailer!

Incredible right! The directors Ludo Brockway and Otto Brockway could really use your support and so could the animals and the environment. So please share and back it.

Support Their Efforts


And here’s a little fact for you to get you ready for next month.

Share with us your meat free recipes, we might even feature them next month!

Also, share your thoughts about the documentary below!

Happy *Green* Moments / A Week in Review

Eart Friendly Palm Oil

Greenies Unite

Hello my loves! Mrs. GGC here wishing you a HAPPY FRIDAY! Despite it being Friday the 13th AND a full moon, we all made it through alive (or at least, half-alive). This week at work was “meh”, but life is good nonetheless. I wanted to share with all of you some of the cool experiences I had this week regarding the blog and the ‘go green’ movement as a whole. The environment seems to be the topic of conversation everywhere lately; from stories on CNN to a label on the side of a cereal box, the movement is growing so it is time for all of us to really jump on board the green train! Continue reading “Happy *Green* Moments / A Week in Review”

If Palm Oil Is Bad For The Environment
Is It Bad For Your Health?

Palm Oil Bad For Your Health

Palm Oil…Bad for your health, worse for the environment!

After removing most of the palm oil from our kitchen I was curious about the health effects of palm oil. After a bit of researching I found out that it’s better for you than products containing trans fat but not by much. Palm oil is high in saturated fat which can increase your risk of heart attack or stroke. Unrefined palm oil does contain beneficial compounds. However, most palm oil we consume today is highly refined and has had all of those beneficial compounds stripped. Here’s a helpful little infographic for you. Turns out there’s a two fold benefit of removing palm oil from your diet.

Continue reading “If Palm Oil Is Bad For The Environment
Is It Bad For Your Health?”