5 Eco-Friendly Booties To Wear From Winter to Spring

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We know it's still winter time, there's probably snow on the ground wherever you are, and a chill in the air (okay its freaking freezing). But, its never to early to start thing about spring, warm walks to work and cool date nights out. You need a pair of shoes to take you from warm day through those cool night. When I say shoe I mean a fabulous, stylish, eco-friendly bootie. So I scoured the web for five eco-friendly booties to wear as we transition from winter to spring.

First up, this pair of tan peep toe ankle booties from Steve Madden and sold by Hollister. Made from vegan suede they have a sling-back strap with adjustable buckles and a 3.5 inch chunky heel. But I can't grt over the price, only $69. I would style them with a pair of light skinny jeans and a chunky cable knit sweater for a casual weekend look. Or, wear them with a long skirt, cropped top, and a jean jacket for a boho look. Honestly though, they would go with literally anything.

Everyone needs a pair of simple black booties. They are so versatile, you can wear them with so many outfits, at work, the bar, grocery shopping, the kids soccer game, you get the picture. These are vegan suede with an insider zipper and a low-rise silhouette. Personally, they are out of my price range (Mr. GGC's law school loans you know), but they're made by BC Footwear and sold by Free People so you know they are well made and will last a long-time. This is one of those pairs of shoes you buy once, and wear for years until there's no sole left. I would wear them with everything but I think they look best with dark blue skinny jeans and a simple long sleeve t-shirt. Switch the t-shirt out for a bell sleeve shirt for a dressier look or a ribbed turtleneck sweater for something a little warmer.

Okay, time for something a little on the edgier side for those days when your feeling like a badass. They are bright red, studded, and strappy with all sorts of buckles! Of course they are vegan leather, so their cruelty free and eco-conscious. I wouldn't wear them every day, not because I'm not a badass, I just have way too many shoes to stick to just one pair. These would go great with a light grey skinny jean and a graphic-t. But, if your feeling adventurous, pull on a pair of faux leather pants, or, wait for it....shiny recycled vinyl pants. Add a grey or other neutral color sweater, some shiny bling, and a faux fur (cruelty free of course) jacket to complete your badass look of the day.

So here's another little black bootie staple you should have in your closet. This one uses 100% vegan leather construction, and it's cruelty free. It has a cute flirty peep toe, so you can show a little skin even when it's cold. Not only is vegan construction great because it saves animals from cruelty; but it also uses less energy, and emits fewer emissions than traditional leather production, so it's eco-friendly. Fashionable and green! This would be my go to bootie for work. I would wear it with a pair of khaki pants, an olive green blouse, and maybe a grey blazer. Add an organic cotton or cruelty free wool long tan coat, a black vegan leather shoulder bag, and a pair of black vegan leather gloves to complete the look. For something a little more modern put on a pair of grey, wide leg, ankle length pants and a royal blue sweater, or try a simple black turtle neck. Finish your elegant modern look with some ethically sourced gold jewelry and your set for your next work day.

Finally, something super casual for when your walking around town with your favorite latte. I'm in love with this cognac color!! Made from vegan leather with a silver zipper detail, they are the perfect bootie for a laid back weekend. For me, personally, I would wear them with eco-friendly white-wash boy friend jeans and a baggy sweatshirt. Maybe add a grey organic wool hat or just throw my hair up in a messy bun. Or, really set off the beautiful cognac color with a pair of white skinny jeans (I know its early) and a white sweater. For a pop of color and warmth top the look off with an aztec print blanket scarf or cape

So there you have it!!! Five perfect booties to get you from winter to spring. Check back often for the latest curated green products and newest posts.

-Mrs. Going Green

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