It’s time to mix up the old routine and challenge yourself to live a less wasteful life! Here are a few small changesĀ that Mr. GGC and I have started to implement into our routine. We are wasting less food and saving money, recycling more, and finding creative ways to repurpose materials around the home! Try ourĀ One Week Challenge (pictured below) to get you started!

Small Changes, Big Impact

Here are a few additional ideas to help you preserve, conserve and #wasteless! We hope our pictures inspire you and demonstrate how easy (and rewarding) this challenge truly is!

  • Clean out your fridge and give it a scrub down! Old food/expired products can spoil the other items. Also, check that you are storing your veggies and dairy products properly.

  • Paper clean out: shred, reuse or recycle loose/unnecessary paper products around the home.
  • Purchase a new lunchbox or reusable bag and skip the plastic bags and lunch baggies!
  • Order or purchase recycled paper products such as napkins or paper towels. We found some at the local grocery store at a reduced price.
  • Not sure what to cook for dinner? Once a week, make an effort to whip up a meal using food items that are about to go bad! Look what I made using sweet potatoes and rainbow chard that was starting to wilt.

  • Skip the Keurig pod today and brew some loose beans or tea. I know it’s convenient, but Keurig pods are terrible for the environment! I have started replacing one pod a week with loose black tea.
  • Take your old glass or plastic bottles and use them for a DIY project. We use old wine bottles as vases around the home, and mason jars make great toothbrush holders!
  • Repurpose old tissue boxes and toilet paper roles. Tissue boxes can be used as cute storage containers while toilet paper roles make great cell phone holders!
  • Scrap paper taking up space? Make a card for a loved one. I made this one for my mom’s birthday!

  • Collect old egg shells, coffee grinds, vegetables and fruit and create a healthy compost for your garden.
  • Make vegetable stock out of scraps!
  • Turn off all of the lights in the house and use candles to create a soothing ambiance.
  • Turn off the TV and unplug your devices – take a long walk outside and disconnect.

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